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"My experience with Boston Billing Solutions Inc. (BBS) and staff has been beyond exemplary. I consider BBS an extension of my practice. In over 30 years in practice...I have worked with many companies providing services and none have met the professional standards of BBS. Your attention to detail and thoroughness instills confidence that everything is being done to maximize the billing collection process."

- Han W Dong, O.D.

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"Thanks for ALL of this great work, you have no idea how much I appreciate this after years of struggle and effort with so many unreliable billing services. You guys are the greatest."

- Ronna Casper, LICSW

Welcome to Boston Billing Solutions, Inc.


Providers throughout New England confidently rely on Boston Billing Solutions and have for more than a decade. We are a full-service billing center, accredited by the Better Business Bureau, equipped to handle all of your needs, no matter how large or small.

We are professional, courteous and affordable. All accounts are handled in a timely and confidential manner, with regular updates provided for your convenience. Compare our services and fees to that of any other billing'll be delighted with the advantages Boston Billing Solutions provides over its competitors.

Superior Billing Services with a Commitment to Excellence

Why Boston Billing Solutions?

PROFESSIONAL - From timely claims processing and submission all the way to thorough, detailed follow-up, every facet of our business operates in a diligent and efficient manner. For nearly 20 years, Boston Billing has built our business on providing a reliable, consistent service to our valuable providers.

COURTEOUS - We truly appreciate each and every one of our clients. Our staff are always courteous and friendly and strive to be there whenever a customer needs us.

AFFORDABLE - Boston Billing Solutions has several plan choices, all competitively priced and tailored to the needs of your practice.

Your Claims Will Be Handled by One of Our Many Experts...

The benefits of having your claims processed electronically by Boston Billing Solutions, Inc. are staggering. Some of which include:

  • Decreased billing costs
  • Fewer errors - far fewer denials
  • Faster payment (7-14 days Avg.!!)
  • Cash influx when we start your billing
  • Uncollected claims get turned into paid claims
  • Your office becomes more efficient
  • Less headaches and stress associated with billing